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Where Are Our Classmates Now?
 Surnames J-P

Below is the list of the Lew Wallace High School Class of 1977 surnames from Q thru Z.

Surnames listed in RED are those of classmates who are missing or we do not have complete imformation. If you know how to locate any of these classmates, send an email to the List Manager. A * symbol next to name means the classmate has a web page. Click on the symbol to view the web page. A symbol is a link to the yearbook photo. If their name is underlined, you can click on their name to send them an email.

If you have any corrections to any information presented on this page, please send an email to the List Manager.  Please place 'LWHS Class of 1977 correction' in subject for faster response.

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 Location of Classmates

Classmate Name Spouse/Married Name Location Occupation
Jacques, Curtessa      Heflin IN  
James, Debra           
Jasnic, Mirko   IN  
Jelks, Ada           
Jensen, Carolyn      Jackson CO  
Jernigan, Lavern           
Johnson, Debra      
Johnson, Robert           
Jones, Allison      Westbrook IN  
Jones, Andrew           
Jones, Gina           
Jones, Roderick      
Jones, Shelly      
Jones, Veronica           
Jones, Versireen Miller IN  
Jones, Willie           
Joyce, Rodney        WA  
Julovich, Dan           
Kaiser, Frank      Joelda Calamaris-LWHS '77     IN  
Kaplar, Roberta      Jim Mladenik-LWHS '77      CA  
Karamanis, Adam           
Karbetsos, Mary      Day IN  
Keel, Deborah      
Kelley, Kevin      Ozella Straughhter-LWHS '77      CA  
Kepchar, Alex           
Kiriakopoulos, Sam      
Klimis, Jami      Wythe IN  
Knoll, Gregory           
Kosanic, Milan      
Kostur, Nada      Rozevski IN  
Kouklakis, Alex      Kathy IN Owner, Vision Quest Eye Clinics; Doctor of Optometry
Kouskutis, Peter           
Kowalewski, John        IN  
Krejci, Larry      
Kubiak, Steven           
Kusmierczyk, Diane *     James Casey AZ Software Product Manager
Kuzmanoff, Russell        IN  
Kyprianou, Mark        PA  
Kyres, Andrew   IN VP, First Financial Bank
Langel, Debby      Bob Gabriel IN Middle School Counselor
Lankford, Donna Fonseca    
Lee, Kenneth   NV Military
Lewandowski, Nancy      Greg Sheets IN  
Ligocki, Lorraine      Linder IL  
Lisek, Darlene      Mark Schmitt GA GSOC Accounting, Finance & Treasury
Lopez, Arthur           
Lucas, Roseanne      C. P. Richard    
Luckey, Sam      
Lytle, Steve   AL  
Macchia, Richard      
Macik, Mark      Elizabeth IN  
Maginas, Christ        IN  
Majeski, Marylou      Hurst IN  
Majstorovich, Donna        IN  
Makarowski, Cynthia           
Malone, John        IN Major Accounts-NIPSCO
Marconi, James           
Marinkovich, Milan   IN  
Marks, Paul        IN  
Martinez, Lourdes        IN RN
Matan, Joseph        IN  
Matijevich, Michelle           
Mavros, Michael       Overseas  
Maxwell, Darlene           
Mayes, Mark        IN  
McClellan, Diane   FL  
McClendon, April        IN  
McCloud, Anthony   IN  
McComb, Fred   IN  
McCormick, Edward      
McDonald, W. Everett      DeEtta IN  
McGuire, Valerie Jarvis    
McIlvenna, Lori      Henson IL  
McKinley, Richard           
McKinney, Trelaine           
McKissack, Kathy      Schwader CO Academic advisor/adjunct faculty
McKnight, Quinton           
Meadows, Barry           
Medrano, Melva Walat    
Medved, Patrick      
Mejia, Anna           
Mendizabel, Nattely      Robert Sulich AZ VP, B of A
Merced, Rebecca      Shaun Mima OH  
Merrille, Bridgett           
Methot, Paul   IL  
Michalski, Donna   IN  
Milicich, Louis        IL  
Miller, Hughes           
Mitchell, Anthony      Michele VA  
Mladenik, James      Roberta Kaplar-LWHS '77      CA  
Mladenik, John *      Liz CA  
Molnar, Sherry           
Monek, Carrie      Korpak IN  
Montemayor, Jesse   TX  
Montemayor, Maria           
Moore, Alberta      
Moore, Anthony      
Moore, Charles   MN  
Moore, Dolly        IN  
Moore, James   TX  
Moos, Melanie      Patton    
Myers, Debra           
Myles, Mack      
Naughton, Dennis           
Nava-McCain, Amber      Roby IN  
Navarro, Joanne           
Navarro, Maria      
Neill, Mark        IN  
Norman, Gail           
North, Louis      
North, Ronald      Paricia CA DirectorDirector, Customer Service & Logistics
Nuzzo, Kim      Karzeski WI  
O'Neill, Kevin   IN  
Olah, Joe        IN  
Oprish, Dan        KY  
Oresik, David      
Orosz, Marilyn Forbes IN  
Oritz, Yvonne      
Osborne, Joseph           
Osika, Larry      Jan IN Great Lakes Peterbilt
Otano, Irma           
Otto, Sue Foster IN  
Pabon, Ramon           
Panagiotidis, Angie        IN  
Parker, Roshella      Mullins IN  
Parker, Tracey      
Parrott, Sandra      Crittenden IN  
Patellis, Petroula      
Patikas, Michael Lawanna IN  
Pawlak, Eugene   IN  
Pawlak, John   IN  
Payne, Carmen           
Peck, Jackie Brantley IN  
Perry, Ingrid      Downey IN  
Perry, Melody           
Persin, Cindy           
Peterson, Herbert        GA  
Phillips, Bob   IN  
Pittman, Pamela      
Pizano, Genero      
Ply, Roxanne      
Polovitch, Timothy      
Poponas, Patricia           
Porter, Theda   IN  
Previs, Kevin           
Pruitt, Laurie        GA  
Pulliam, Arletta        IN  

Name in italic means the classmate is deceased. Click on rose to see obituary.

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