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Below is a list of surnames from Casey's Cemetery located in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA within (but not owned by) Crest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. Noted Atlanta historian Franklin M. Garrett walked through this cemetery and recorded the names on the tombstones on May 29, 1931. This listing does not reflect any burials after this date. There are approx. 200 names on this list.

The address of Crest Lawn Memorial Park is:
2000 Marietta Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-2871
Phone: (404) 355-3380

Click here and here for area maps showing the location (marked with a RED star). In addition, the grey shaded area on this map is te outline of Crest Lawn Cemetery. The green arrow is roughly where John A. Caseys grave is and generaly where Casey's Cemtery is. Essentially from the Old Marietta Road west.

If you have any corrections to any information presented on this page, please send an email to the List Manager.  Please place 'Casey's Cemetery correction' in subject for faster response.

If you know what relationship any of these people are to the Casey family, please send me an email. There is probably some connection/reason for Casey's Cemetery to be chosen for their final resting place. Otherwise wouldn't you think they would be buried in another cemetery?

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Surname First Name Birth Death Notes Lat Long
A. H.       A brick vault with a marble tablet in one end. The only inscription being the initials A. H.    
Allen Elizabeth 04/26/1823 10/03/1895 Wife of James M. Allen.    
Allen James M. 02/07/1823 12/10/1900      
Anderson Catherine   08/08/1885 Died in Atlanta. Wife of Henry Anderson.    
Anderson Charlote T.   01/23/1894      
Anderson Clifford (sister)   03/26/1890 Aged 36 years.    
Anderson Henry          
Atkinson Donald B. 11/16/1867 01/29/1931      
Atkinson Herman Miller 01/16/1903 06/28/1918      
Banks James W. 08/11/1844 12/25/1893      
Bankston Slaton B. 08/16/1864 04/16/1924      
Barrett G. N., Mrs. 03/24/1837 10/20/1905      
Bart Constant 01/17/1824 06/12/1896      
Bart Marie Josephine 08/18/1826 06/12/1896      
Batles Minie C. 01/04/1867 12/17/1908      
Beauchamp Elijah 04/15/1873 08/4/1907      
Beauchamp Nora 06/29/1878 04/28/1908 Wife of Elijah Beauchamp.    
Belcher Sarah Jane 11/19/1870 07/26/1928      
Berry Rebecca   10/30/1905 Aged 55 years. Wife of A. F. Berry    
Bond Elizabeth     No dates. Wife of James Bond.    
Bourn W. H. 08/29/1858 02/16/1889      
Bowen Delilah Ann 11/09/1836 02/16/1889      
Bowens Ben 08/12/1865 01/17/1914      
Brannon L. J. 02/14/1867 04/10/1907      
Brown John N. 09/28/1832 06/19/1912      
Brown Mary E. 11/25/1838 05/09/1910 Wife of John N. Brown.    
Bryant Amy Adeline, Mrs. 07/12/1838 06/03/1916      
Bryant Welborn 10/16/1866 10/04/1890      
Canup Archie D. 04/09/1901 08/06/1926      
Casey John A. 12/12/1820 03/01/1907   33°48.611N -084°26.789W
Casey Susan C. 02/09/1823 04/18/1886 Wife of John A. Casey 33°48.611N -084°26.789W
Cater Rosa Rebecca 04/09/1845 09/20/1915      
Cawhern John Felton 06/20/1886 10/08/1902 Son of N. T. & S. A. Cawhern.    
Chevalier Sallie L. 04/08/1866 11/27/1927 Wife of Rev. W. P. Chevalier. 33°48.601N -084°26.813W
Chevalier William P., Rev. 05/10/1852 04/27/1914   33°48.601N -084°26.813W
Church E. J. 03/10/1857 01/12/1910      
Clark Houston 1836 1893      
Coggins Harry 05/22/1835 05/1/1901   33°48.616N -084°26.782W
Coggins Lorena   12/09/1893 Aged 27 years. 33°48.616N -084°26.782W
Cook Jesse M.     No inscribed marker. Originally in early 1880's buried in family cemetery located on present (in 1931) site of Rockdale Park. Later moved to Casey's. (Statement of Miss Sarah Huff, 1931).    
Copeland V. M. 10/01/1880 01/7/1904      
Corley Susie McFarland 09/22/1876 05/22/1918 Wife of Ben Corley.    
Cunningham S. C., Mrs.   09/23/1929 Age 70 years.    
Daniel James Edward   03/01/1867      
Daniel Nellie Fuller 01/15/1878 04/16/1928 Wife of James Edward Daniel.    
Davis Lena Beatrice 02/10/1883 06/1/1923      
Day Elvira L. 01/06/1860 06/11/1919 Wife of W. D. Day. 33°48.601N -084°26.813W
DeLong F. A. 04/15/1872 01/29/1891      
Dewberry William L. 01/01/1861 08/07/1928      
Donaldson Bert     Died in 55th year. Text of last sermon. St. John 17th Chapter, 3rd Verse. 33°48.597N -084°26.791W
Dudley Gilbert 12/31/1850 04/20/1892      
Dudley James B. 11/15/1865 11/22/1895   33°48.602N -084°26.814W
Dudley Sarah E. 05/17/1835 12/18/1910   33°48.602N -084°26.814W
Dunaway James O. 09/23/1884 04/30/1902      
Dunaway James T. 06/18/1860 03/02/1886   33°48.605N -084°26.793W
Durham Carrie 06/08/1863 11/03/1891      
Erickson Mary Ann, Mrs. 06/26/1866 06/14/1903 Wife of C. G. Erickson.    
Ferguson Mildred A. 04/1/1842 08/22/1898      
Friddell J. O., Mrs. 03/26/1865 04/17/1905 Wife of W. R. Fridell.    
Fridell Mattie Lou 07/24/1891 11/30/1927      
Friddell Minnie A. 07/11/1869 01/26/1888      
Fuller Mary H. Allen 11/19/1849 11/13/1909 Born in Habersham Co., GA. Wife of P. F. Fuller.    
Fuller P. L. 12/25/1839 03/28/1926 Born in Henry Co., GA. Enlisted in the 10th Confederate Calvalry, 1861    
Golden Fendol Sylvester 10/26/1835 09/27/1920   33°48.614N -084°26.781W
Golden Susan Elmina 10/02/1836 07/30/1915   33°48.614N -084°26.781W
Golden Willis R. 10/10/1859 12/10/1912   33°48.613N -084°26.794W
Grimes Franklin T. 11/15/1819 05/20/1876 Spouse of Dollis Golden.    
Hadley Mary Elizabeth 02/22/1841 05/09/1896 Born in Madison Co. Died in Atlanta, GA.    
Hamby Gordon 12/31/1886 12/16/1906   33°48.607N -084°26.813W
Hancock J. N. 03/04/1839 06/15/1899   33°48.618N -084°26.785W
Hancock M. A. 11/15/1840 06/13/1925      
Haney Henry P. 11/25/1846 11/19/1923      
Harbin Charley 05/17/1850 09/13/1905      
Harbin Clara 02/18/1824 12/04/1900 Wife of T. A. C. Harbin.    
Harbin Jefferson D. 05/10/1861 03/3/1915      
Harbin T. A. C. 05/31/1822 08/14/1887      
Hardman Eliza 1820 1925      
Hardy Moley Brown 10/18/1876 04/15/1895 Wife of C. A. Hardy.    
Harris Duskey H. 08/09/1878 11/29/1903 Wife of J. W. Harris.    
Harris J. M. 06/13/1852 04/22/1918      
Harris William A. 10/04/1883 02/11/1917      
Harrison Maggie 1871 1912      
Hatcher Hattie E. 1848 1919      
Henderson Pullium 04/26/1883 09/11/1899      
Hendrix John Oliver 06/21/1886 09/12/1916      
Hendrix Martha A. 01/23/1833 07/09/1896   33°48.618N -084°26.783W
Herren Georgia A. 03/01/1855 10/25/1916 Wife of William F. Herren.    
Herren William F. 02/25/1855 05/3/1929      
Holmes Albertine V., Mrs. 01/05/1856 08/13/1894      
Horton Clifford D. 05/19/1892 10/22/1927   33°48.606N -084°26.792W
Horton F. J., Mrs. 1842 04/3/1905 Wife of W. C. Horton.    
Horton Robert P.   04/9/1904 Age 58 years. 33°48.606N -084°26.792W
Horton W. C. 1838 03/27/1905      
Howard Ruby 09/11/1878 04/12/1894      
Jenkins Fannie 05/26/1869 10/27/1891      
Jenkins Louie 05/05/1866 02/08/1890 Son of James Jenkins.    
Jenkins Phillis M. 08/10/1868 03/26/1898 Wife of A. L. Jenkins.    
Jones Alice Tallulah 03/21/1886 03/19/1926 Wife of Wm. E. Jones 33°48.626N -084°26.804W
Jones William E. 02/10/1865     33°48.626N -084°26.804W
Kelley Mary E. Kimbrough 07/05/1879 05/06/1899 Wife of J. M. Kelly    
Kent Columbus D. 02/24/1826 09/01/1885      
Kent Martha M. 07/16/1832 08/11/1899 Wife of Columbus D. Kent    
Kircus P. N. 01/24/1829 08/24/1902      
Kurgus M. J., Mrs. 02/15/1845 04/21/1907      
Lamb Alfred 1853 1894   33°48.582N -084°26.798W
Lamb Cora 1877 1883   33°48.582N -084°26.798W
Lamb Jefferson D. 1878 1906   33°48.582N -084°26.798W
Lamb Medora 1857   Wife of Alfred Lamb.    
Lamb Rachael       33°48.582N -084°26.798W
Leach Martha Holmes 04/04/1887 10/5/1913 Wife of A. C. Leach    
Lee Alonzo F. 07/30/1849 12/14/1908 Aged 59y, 4 mos, 14 days.    
Lee J. W. 05/28/1847 12/11/1905      
Lee Johanna Emily 05/11/1854 02/17/1890      
Lee John W. 12/31/1884 10/24/1912 Husband of Lillian F. Lee.    
Lee Joseph B. 11/21/1861 02/27/1910      
Lee Maggie L. 10/20/1855 02/25/1894 Wife of D. J. Lee.    
Lee Matilda J. 02/04/1854 07/04/1890 Wife of Alonzo F. Lee.    
Lee Mickel Nov 1877 02/20/1898      
Lively Lillie Erine 07/04/1861 02/11/1923      
Loftis Artemita 12/17/1820 12/08/1909 Wife of James P. Loftis.    
Loftis Cora F. 06/16/1874 07/15/1886 Dau of J. A. and C. A. Loftis.    
Loftis James A. 07/25/1879 08/15/1906      
Loftis James P. 05/28/1814 03/28/1878      
McCravy Eli 10/04/1809 01/01/1888   33°48.619N -084°26.780W
McCravy George 03/10/1865 Sept 1890      
McCravy Martha 07/09/1813 01/02/1893 Wife of Eli McCravy.    
McCravy Sarah Frances 05/11/1844 05/09/1928 Wife of J. A. McCravy.    
McCravy Thomas 03/27/1873 11/23/1925      
McDuffie Daniel A.   May 1879   33°48.601N -084°26.811W
McDuffie Mary F.   10/19/1884 Wife of Daniel A. McDuffie 33°48.601N -084°26.811W
McFarland Eliza Mauldin 01/25/1845 12/27/1921 Wife of Bill McFarland.    
McFarland Lee B.   09/29/1924      
Madison Hester   08/16/1894      
Martin J. B.     Died in 55th year. Text of last sermon. St. John 17th Chapter, 3rd Verse. 33°48.597N -084°26.791W
Mashburn M. M. 01/29/1846 09/25/1915      
Medley Myrtice Pearl 12/23/1868 06/04/1909   33°48.610N -084°26.793W
Mize T. N. 03/10/1861 02/20/1928      
Moody Lona Irene 06/10/1864 04/06/1900      
Mooney Robert H. 06/24/1851 11/10/1907      
Murray Milton R. 1846 1898   33°48.624N -084°26.781W
Nash H. T. 03/22/1848 09/09/1886      
Netherland Emma F.   12/23/1902 Aged 45 y.    
Nicholson Ida V. 07/08/1868 11/04/1899      
Nicholson M. M. 10/14/1842 02/20/1898      
Parham Andrew M. 07/12/1851 03/25/1890      
Parham Ernest L. 08/30/1874 06/02/1923      
Parham Sarah A. 12/02/1847 12/24/1927      
Paris Mary A. 04/09/1893 07/02/1910      
Parris J. E. 01/25/1837 01/19/1899      
Parris Mary A. 07/16/1840 10/11/1929 Wife of J. E. Parris.    
Pickens Israel A. 1820 10/22/1897      
Pickens Martha M. 1842 05/18/1901 Wife of Israel A. Pickens.    
Potter B. F.     Aged 65 years.    
Powell Oscar W. 03/28/1871 03/09/1910      
Powell S. M. 03/06/1840 12/24/1898      
Pressley Palmira Antoinette 04/02/1846 06/07/1908      
Pressley Robert Henry 03/17/1868 10/18/1930      
Pugh G. W. 12/03/1875 11/12/1926      
Pyles Lillian Lee 07/29/1886 02/28/1927 Wife of J. H. Pyles.    
Ratteree Manurvia E. 12/09/1837 02/25/1906 Wife of Robert Ratteree.    
Ratteree Robert P. 01/03/1834        
Reeves Alice Parker 05/02/1878 02/15/1918      
Reynolds Caroline Mrs. 03/11/1840 07/21/1914      
Richardson Amanda 1877 06/15/1920      
Rogers Mary Elizabeth 04/20/1855 08/04/1924 Wife of Reuben B. Rogers.    
Rogers Reuben Brawley 03/22/1846 11/06/1896      
Rosser William Oscar 04/27/1870 02/20/1897      
Russell Elizabeth 12/08/1840 06/24/1897      
Sadler Elizabeth 01/04/1834 11/14/1901 Wife of Henry Martin Sadler.    
Sadler Henry Martin 01/24/1824 04/11/1900      
Sadler Minnie L. A. 06/23/1869 05/25/1888  
Sewell P. J. 03/11/1854 12/12/1896      
Sexton Mother          
Sills Susan Alma Bourn 09/03/1895 07/28/1921 Wife of Hugh Sills.    
Slack E. J., Mrs. 02/26/1835 08/10/1890      
Smith H. R., Mrs. 04/24/1819 10/18/1891      
Stoddard Alfred M.   01/14/1894 Aged 42y, 3 months.    
Stoddard Robert Virgil 04/25/1904 12/18/1918      
Stricklin Ruby T. 09/05/1895 08/12/1920      
Sweat Franklin T. 07/29/1881 11/03/1902      
Sweat James Eddie 06/02/1877 10/17/1899      
Taylor Lizzie 1878 01/03/1898      
Thomas Antionett   01/07/1928 Age 87 years.    
Thomas Mattie J. 03/07/1881 07/8/1908      
Thompson W. K. 12/25/1848 02/13/1905      
Thurman Benjamin F. 1791   Aged 84 years.    
Thurman David Mar 1829 Nov 1884      
Thurman Jane Weaver 01/29/1844 11/18/1883 Wife of David Thurman.    
Thurman Nelley 1793   Aged 69 years. Wife of Benjamin F. Thurman.    
Tinsley Newton C. 01/10/1866 07/25/1928      
Tribble J. B.          
Walker Elijah 01/08/1829 05/26/1890      
Walker Eveline 05/04/1832 09/11/1905 Wife of Elijah Walker.    
Walker John Edward 03/17/1877 01/03/1929      
Warren Emma T. 04/21/1849 02/27/1895      
Whitfield Cora Lee 04/26/1881 02/10/1907 Wife of B. P. Whitfield.    
Whitworth F. S. 02/14/1849 01/18/1907      
Williams Frances Silvey 09/17/1839 10/24/1913      
Woolf Estelle C. Freeman 08/16/1866 08/02/1912 Wife of Layfayette I. Woolf.    
Woolf Layfayette I. 12/14/1829 10/13/1911 Son of Isaac and Sarah Woolf.    
Wright Martha 03/10/1835 06/28/1916      

A little history...

The land that Crest Lawn Memorial Park in located on is Section 17, Land Lot 222 in Fulton Co., GA. This land was originally owned by John Austin Casey (1820-1907).

Casey Cem Private Cemetery Sign
Casey's Cemetery is located in the upper portion of Crest Lawn Memorial Park. Crest Lawn Memorial Park is not responsible for the upkeep of Casey's Cemetery - the descendants of the people buried here are. There is no office for Casey's Cemetery.

We need your help!
The cemetery is rapidly deteriorating and the stones are buried under kudzu. See the satellite image of the cemetery from overhead (see green arrow). It is so overgrown you can't even see the cemtery while is you look to the right you see how nice Crest Lawn is upkept.

It is important that the descendants of people buried there take time to clear away weeds and such whenever they visit the cemetery.

A few of the stones have been knocked over and are cracked. We need to start documenting the cemetery as quickly as possible. If you have any photos of stones located within Casey's Cemetery, please email them to Diane Casey and I will place them on this web page. In addition, if you are able to provide GPS coordinates of the grave, you can forward those to me also.

Crest Lawn Memorial Park may or may not have records of burials to Casey's Cemetery. I have also been told that many graves of people originally buried here have been moved to other cemeteries. If you are aware of any graves that have been relocated, please inform me.

There are 2 State of Georgia Historical Marker's located within Casey's Cemtery.
- Atlanta's Outer Line marker 
- Casey's Hill marker  across from which and up the hill is the location of John Austin Casey's grave.

Burials Not On Original Garrett List

I have been asked to compile a list of individuals (mostly after the 1931) that are known to be buried in the cemetery but not on the 1931 Franklin Garrett inventory or were buried after the inventory. If you find out your relatives were buried in Casey's Cemetery and they are not on this list, let me know. It would be helpful if you could include a scan of an obituary or Death certificate stating they were buried in Casey's Cemetery.

Listed below are persons known to be buried in Casey's Cemetery since the 1931 grave inventory by Franklin Garrett. Names in PURPLE are graves that are missing. If you locate this grave, please contact Diane Casey.

Thank you for your assistance.

Surname First Name Birth Death Notes; why believed to be buried here Lat Long
Berryhill Agnes Beatrice (nee: Smith) 08/23/1834 10/15/1907 Death Cert states burial place. Wife of Joe Berryhill.    
Berryhill Joseph 10/17/1907 09/08/1944 Death Cert states burial place, no grave marker.    
Berryhill Sarah 1940 01/21/1944 no grave marker;    
Berryhill Lillie 02/10/1910 03/25/1935 no grave marker;    
Berryhill Zadie 03/15/1929 02/20/2006 no grave marker; cremated.    
Casey Jesse H. 10/20/1849 12/03/1935 Obit & Death Cert states burial place.    
Casey Narcissa May 1851 09/15/1933 Obit & Death Cert states burial place. Sister of Jesse H.    
Casey Sallie 07/28/1847 03/27/1923 Obit & Death Cert states burial place. Wife of Jesse H.    
Findley John 1854 xx/14/1914     Grave stone seen March 2006 by researcher.
Golden Dollis 10/10/1859 12/10/1912      
Hood Sarah (nee: Cannon) April 1831 12/03/1917;      
Howard Martha     Mother 33°48.739N -084°26.701W
Reeves Emma Eliza Johns abt 1836 March 31, 1904 Obit & Death Cert state burial.    
Petty Janet Diane 1946 (stillborn) 1946 Grand daughter of Joseph and Agnes Berryhill; no grave marker.    
Sweat Nancy (nee: Berryhill) abt 1826 06/05/1928 Death Cert states burial place; no grave marker.    

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