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If you find your EXACT ancestor on this list and would like me to add your email address as a researcher of this person, you can send email me with your name, email address and the district number, land lot number & ancestor name. Please do not tell me to place your name next to ALL surnames such as 'SMITH' just because you are looking for SMITHs in FCT. Please be sure the name you wish your email against is the EXACT ancestor in order to keep this list clean and manageable.
Please use the form below to include the following information:

  - Your email address

  - Your (Researcher) name

  - District number, land lot number & ancestor name

Use the form below to add your email as a reseracher for a surname on this list or for corrections to your current surname listing or email. Thank you.

Your Email Address:
Researcher name:
District Number:
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Ancestor Surname:
In the space to the right, insert any Comment(s) / Note(s) to clarify any of the above entries, or communicate with the list manager.

Your information should appear on the appropriate web page within 7 days (hopefully).

If you have any corrections to any information presented on Fulton Co., GA 1872 map list, please send an email to the List Manager.  Place 'Fulton Co., GA 1872 map correction' in subject.

email address changes: If your email address changes, please send an email giving your OLD email address as well as your NEW email address. Sometimes there is more than one person researching your surname and without your previous email address, it is difficult to determine exactly who belongs to whom. Thanks.

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