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 What to do with this information? 

 There are many things that you can do with this information, this is just a short list of ideas.

Step 1: Find your surname on this list ex: Casey in District 17, Land Lot 222

Step 2: Request Map with District 17, Land Lot 222 on it. Email the District Number & Land Lot number (ex: District 17 Land Lot 222) and surname(s) and I will send you a copy (2' x 4') of the 1872 Fulton County, GA map with the Land Lot(s) indicated on the map (photocopy & postage costs apply - see below).*

(note this is just a section of entire map)
Step 3: Order present day map with the Land Lot on it (ex: District 17, Land Lot 222). I will send you a copy from a contempory map of Fulton County, GA with the Land Lots indicated on the map so you can see where this land is in today's Fulton County (photocopy & postage costs apply - see below).*

 Other things you can do with this information
Take the District Number and the Land Lot number and go or write to the Fulton County Courthouse. Look up the land record (see below) using the District Number and the Land Lot number.

Study the map from Step 2 & look for allied families near your ancestor. As you know many times your ancestors married their neighbors. Look up legal documents such as wills for these neighbors and you may locate your ancestor. This is a little tricky. You might assume that an ancestor that lives in District 17, Land Lot 222 may be neighbors with Land Lots 219, 220, 221, 223, 224, & 225. You would only be 1/2 correct. Here is an example of the neighbors surrounding Land Lot 222. Without this information, you would not easily know that Land Lots 191 & 230 adjoined District 17, Land Lot 222. If time permits, I can do limited lookups if you supply the Name and Land Lot number and email this to List Manager. Once you have this information, you can then go to the Land Lots - 151 - end page and look up who owned each of those lots in 1872. (Compare the lot numbers below to picture from Step 2.)

Using my husband's ancestor, John A. Casey, as an example. John A. Casey lived on Section 17, Land Lot 222, I can look at a present day map and determine the location of this lot.

One of his brothers, Elisha L. Casey married Francis Allen in 1850. Looking at the map below, you can note the intersection of 'Francis' and 'Ellen' Streets. In present day Marietta, at this intersection is a house built on Land Lot 222.

While visiting Atlanta a few years back I went to see this house. A cornerstone in the short wall leading up to the house had 'ALLEN' etched into it. While I have no proof (yet), I believe that somehow this is all connected to Francis Allen.

By the way, did you notice that Land Lot 222 has Crestlawn Cemtery on it in present day? There are also 2 family cemeteries located there. One of these, Casey's Cemetery, has been transcribed and is on the web.

These are the kinds of things you might discover about your ancestor.

Land lots are still used today, so anyone who finds his ancestor on the 1872 map can go to a modern road map that has land lots and find the exact location. Land lots are great because you can easily trace the same piece of land all the way back to when it was originally settled.

If you have other ideas of uses for this information, please email me these ideas and I will post them here.

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    *please contact me for costs including special (2' x 4') photocopy, mailing tube and postage.

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